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We Build Industry Thought Leaders
Grow Your Brand & Expand Your Presence With The Most Innovative Techniques
Great Design & Great Ideas to Drive Results. 
We utilize the most cost-effective social media marketing channels to connect with the people you care about the most to drive short and long-term results. Our strategies and ad creative is tuned using tracking artificial intelligence and analytics, ensuring every advertising dollar and every organic action goes farther. In the simplest terms, we take timeless data driven action to achieve company milestones and goals.
Social Media Strategy Development & Execution.
We want to develop a strategy tailored to your ideal customer. We help determine what social media channels your brand should use, increase engagement, brand awareness, establish goals and benchmarks to essentially track your marketing progress. We will then implement said strategy and split test to achieve desired results. 

"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself."

Peter Drucker
Digital Advertising.
Evinco Marketing works tirelessly to drive paid results for our clients every day through the major social and digital channels. We understand how difficult and frustrating it may be to create the desire you want. We're here to help! Increasing the revenue for your business is the result of having the right customer avatar, ready to buy and upsold to become a lifelong customer. Our focus is to get you leads for you to turn into sales. In layman's terms: we create digital ads to drive revenue for our clients businesses.
Email Marketing.
Ready to create engagement and drive sales from that email list you have? 
Hint: "It's almost like going to the atm and withdrawing money out!"

We're here for you. We can set up an email sequence to snail send over days or weeks at a time. 

We're like a plumber to that pesky leaky faucet. We will diagnose the situation and look at what may be the best solution.
Analytics & Extensive Data
Gathering data from all relevant digital sources, engagements, results and tracking data in a monthly analytics report. We believe having the right data with split testing will enable us to make intelligent decisions.
Who is
Marcus May
Currently I am building the most for buisnesses in the fitness, health and wellness industry by developing tailored strategy and real results. We generate not only leads for clients that turn into revenue, but results.

My agency brings results for each of our clients by having a clear process to revenue. If it's a not good fit, then we will tell you. It's not only unethically, but morally corrupt and inexcusable to agree to work with a business that doesn't fit our criteria. 

We're different.
Marcus May - Google
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